Ale in a blaze of: Golden Glory, 4.5% ABV

First off, Forgive the title of this one, bit of a mind blank.
Hey, If you have any better suggestions leave them in a comment. Ill see which seems most popular.

Moving on… Brewed by Dorset based Hall & Woodhouse’s Badger Brewery, Golden Glory is a very light amber ale which leaves your tongue tingling.

Crisp and fizzy, it is a refreshment much more suited to summer than these cold winter months. Not a hearty, warming ale. It is, however, delicious. A sweet, tangy peach is the overbearing smell as soon as the lid is off. In your mouth it is a burst of fruity flavour, with just a touch of maltiness and hops giving it the smoothness needed to really call it an ale. I think there is a bit of citrussy fruit in there giving it some balance. After the flavour dissipates a bit though, there is a strange dryness left behind.

I really wish I had this with a barbecue in the sun. I suppose I don’t see ale as a summery sort of drink, which I suppose is what Badger are trying to achieve here. That is going to be a hard task.

Might Rating ★ ★ ★ ★

For a look at their brewery, bars and brews, visit here.


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