Howay! Newcastle Brown Ale. 4.7% ABV

I couldn’t do an ale blog without including a good old bottle of Dog now could I.

This drink has spent much more time in my mouth than I care to mention, and it will certainly be spending even more.

The first thing that hits you about a bottle o’ broon is the sweetness. It’s surprising, and to be honest quite overbearing. Almost as if someone has mixed a load of caramel into the drink. Luckily for me I have a rather sweet tooth, but let’s try to be objective.

It’s a light drink, a bit of fizz to it which stops it weighing down your stomach the way a lot of ales can. It’s quite warming and malty as it goes down. It can be quite hard to determine the hops after the sweetness, but they are lingering around there somewhere, and once you find them you will always be able to taste them. All in all a good time Ale, can’t have a bad time on the Newcy Brown.

And for Staffordshire people, it was created by a man who was born in Burton on Trent, and moved to Newcastle later on in life. Nice little tidbit that.

Mighty Rating ★ ★ ★ ★

More brews and information can be found on their rather swanky website.


4 comments on “Howay! Newcastle Brown Ale. 4.7% ABV

  1. This is my Ale of choice, definitely… Bottle of Newcy before the football goes down a treat!

    I’m a lightweight, though; two bottles will have me quite merry. 😉

  2. Danny King says:

    Quite enjoy a bottle of this myself from time to time!

    I’m hoping there will be a review of Summer Lightning at some point…truly horrific stuff, that.

  3. I meant horrificly nice…if that is possible?

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