Bomber’s Away: Thwaites Lancaster Bomber. 4.4 % ABV

Bomber's Away!

I’ve been looking forward to this. A beer from a brewery a short walk from my home in Blackburn. (Or, as as we may say in my dulcet tones “Ey’ up cockers, let’s try this one ‘eh? A good ol’ bomber!”)
Thwaites will always hold a certain place in my ale loving heart. But for now, I shall try to be unbiased. I Promise.

It is a very balanced ale. Nothing too overwhelming. Although it is not without character. Smooth and creamy as it goes down, with a rich toffeeness to it. It’s the kind of drink you want as a night cap. Malty and easy to drink, not boozy enough to blow you away. It’ll keep you feeling warm with a fruity kind of taste on the tongue.

A proud taste of home for me, a decent enough brew for most

Mighty Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

And if you want to have a look at the beer from where I’m from, feel free to check out Thwaites here.


One comment on “Bomber’s Away: Thwaites Lancaster Bomber. 4.4 % ABV

  1. Chris Green says:

    Good stuff Hilts.

    Spitfire is it’s loyal companion.

    Chocks away, what what and all that.

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