Ringwood Old Thumper. 5.6%ABV

Old Thumper, brewed by Ringwood Brewery, in the heart of the New Forest.

Everything about this ale screams out that it is a beast. Strong, dark, uncompromising, with a rather intimidating design on the bottle to boot.

But lets get down to the nitty gritty. Its fizzy and frothy, and the flavour seems to burst on your tongue with every bubble. Full of dark hoppiness, it certainly makes for a satisfying, yet refreshing drink. There is a spiciness which compliments the initial richness, and that is all followed by a content warmth as it settles. All in all, A big beer at first, but once you get over that it is certainly contenting.

I would compare it to a huge scary looking dog, This ale ends up being man’s best friend.

Mighty Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

For more of Ringwood’s beastly creations, visit their website.


One comment on “Ringwood Old Thumper. 5.6%ABV

  1. This drink would destroy me… But then again any drink destroys me apparently 😉

    Nice pic shots Turner! One day I might have to figure out how to use one of those…cameras?

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