Shepherd Neame Bishops Finger. 5.4% ABV

I just had a Bishops Finger.
Let’s face it, the names are part of the fun where ale is concerned.

But in all seriousness… Shepherd Neame, founded in 1698, is home to the UK’s oldest brewery, so they have some experience in the matter. This ale is one of their most popular, along with Spitfire.

Again, it is dark and rich, but this time you can really taste the berries. They give the drink a surprisingly light edge, while it looks quite heavy at first glance. But then you see even the froth is light and bubbly. It is full of character from the second you smell it – and believe me, it’s pretty aromatic. You will never get bored of this drink, but you will never love it above all else.

“First brewed in 1958 to celebrate the end of austerity after the war” it says. I would raise a glass of Bishops Finger to that.

Mighty rating ★ ★ ★

Have a look at what else Shepherd Neame do.


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